The West Park Outdoor Fireplace & Brick Oven Kit

Code:  CU2400K   |   Brick Oven Size:
29" x 29"  
Select Stone Veneer Choice
Select Cap Stone Choice

Our Outdoor Fireplace & Brick Oven Kits are a great, easy, and affordable way to extend your outdoor living season and provide year-round entertainment for your family and friends. Customize your outdoor fireplace to match your home and personal style and choose from eight (8) stone veneer finishing options and 2 hearth stone colors.

Named for the timeless and welcoming Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood, The West Park Outdoor Fireplace & Oven Kit is the perfect accompaniment to your outdoor patio. The fireplace and brick oven combination unit comes pre-assembled as a single piece and requires no separate footer foundation. Made from 18-gauge galvanized steel U-channel framing, with glass-fiber reinforced sheathing and factory-applied scratch-coat on all sides, it is resistant to corrosion and built with inert materials so there is no rotting, swelling, or rusting. The unit offers a deep oven area and generous space for cooking, along with two (2) independent combustion chambers that are vented through a smoke chamber and into a clay flue liner.

Kit Includes:

  • Fireplace & Oven Combo Unit (Unclad)
  • Stone Veneer Selection
  • Hearth Stone Selection

***PLEASE NOTE*** Fireplace units come unclad as shown and installation of stone veneer and hearth stone is NOT included in the price.

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